Our Mission

We are dedicated to the idea of excellence in both value and service.  We strive to present and market your quality home furnishings, accessories, and jewelry to achieve the maximum return possible.  Offering the highest quality, most comprehensive and professional service available in our consignment shops.  According to the trends, consigning and consignment shopping is for those of us who wants to give new life and purpose to quality pieces; we are here to provide that need.

Lay-A-Way Terms

We offer a lay-a-way plan for items $200.00 and above.  A deposit of 30% is required at the time of contract. Merchandise is kept for up to four months, with choice of montly or weekly payments until paid in full. Please ask us for details.

General Consignment Terms

Thank you for choosing MJK Consignments.  We accept furniture, art, lamps, and jewelry for an eight week consignment period.  Pricing is determinded by both parties. There is an initial handling fee of $15.00, which is paid at the time of each agreement to consign merchandise.  We have the right to reject property based on quality and condition of the merchandise.  If items are new or have an appraised value, please provide documentation.  Your merchandise will remain in the store for customer viewing for two months. Advertisement, including a picture of the mechandise will be posted on our website, as well as linked to the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce web for maximum exposure.  We reserve the right, during that time, to mark down the price by a percentage schedule, after the first four weeks.  The discount schedule goes into affect from the date of signed agreement, and is as followed: 1) weeks 1-4: full price; 2) weeks 5-6: 15%; and weeks 7-8: 25%.  We can also offer additional promotions within the eight weeks at our discretion.  A full consignment contract is available in store, and at time of consignment.  

After eight weeks you have the option to pick up or surrender any unsold merchandise.  Items for pick-up, not claimed 30 days after being removed from our sales floor, will be considered abandoned or unwanted and become store property.  Unclaimed merchandise and its disposal will no longer be the responsibility of the owners, and therefore we reserve the right to sell or donate those items.  As we support homeless Veterans, any proceeds from sales of unclaimed property or the property itself will be donated to this cause.

At the sale of your property, you will be notified by our management via email, and certified mail.  A check for your sold item/s will be available at our store for pick-up at your convenience within two days of sale.  All checks are voided after six months.  You will net 50 - 55% based on the final sale price of merchandise.

We promise to care for and secure your property; however, should a mishap occur to include damage and theft, we will not be held responsible.  We look forward to working with you.


Amount of Item

MJK Consignment Commission

Handling Fee

Customer net

$0 - $500




$501  and above





Important Reminder

We care about the quality of the products we provide to our customers and their families. Occasionally, we may carry children’s furniture items, and we are especially vigilant in acquiring safe and quality products for our store. While we know it can be difficult to monitor all children furniture items that have been recalled, we take the initiative to provide items that are safe to the best of our knowledge. We do our best but help us by checking these websites:    

United States Government Website:  www.recalls.gov