MJK Treasures Care Tips For Your Furniture

Quality solid wood furniture is an investment that can easily last a lifetime and beyond with the right care.  A small amount of care will extend your furniture's life considerably.  With our simple tips, you will find that keeping your furniture and other wood items (jewelry or keepsake boxes, wood picture frame, etc.) looking its best is very easy.

Furniture Wax Polish

One of the best ways to help your furniture acclimatize is to treat it immediately with wax polish, and to continue treating it at three to six month intervals.  This will enhance your furniture and help give you a deep and lasting protection of your furniture for many years to come.  We recommend using wax that is blended by hand using 100% natural carnauba wax, beeswax, and other raw furniture cleaning materials. The wax will clean, nourish, and protect all types of wood furniture and gives a stunning natural sheen.  It is also suitable for all wood types, whether natural or stained, old or new.

How to use:

  • Ensure the surface you are going to treat is clean and dry
  • Apply a thin layer of wax using a soft, clean cloth, following the wood grain where possible
  • Leave to dry for a few minutes
  • Buff to finish using a soft, clean cloth
  • Repeat the process if desired (untreated wood-simply apply the was more liberally and leave to dry, process can be repeated serveral times)

For general day-to-day cleaning you should wipe your furniture with a clean soft cloth and make sure that it is always left dry.  We recommend using a cleaning cream made from beeswax, which does not contain solvent or silicon oil.  Polyurathane furniture should be dusted with a general furniture polish. Do not use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials other than wood furniture as they are liable to damage the finish.

How to use:

  • Spray the product on the surface of the furniture
  • Buff the surface with a soft, clean cloth

If a deeper clean is necessary:

  • Spray the product liberally on the surface of the furniture
  • Spread the product evenly with a soft, clean cloth
  • Leave teh product to work for a couple of minutes
  • Buff the surface with a soft, clean cloth
  • Repeat the process if desired


To try to avoid cracks and splits, polease observe the following: do not place furniture nearer than 30cm/11-12 inches from a heat/AC vents(including heaters or radiator); direct sunlight should be avoided as much as poossible; try to avoid locations with fluctuating or continuous extreme temperatures.

Spillages and Hot Objects

All spillages should be wiped away immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth or with paper towel; no moisture should be left on furniture.  When cleaning, water or soap solutions should only be used in small quantities (preferable just a damp cloth), and wiped afterwards to ensure it is left dry.  Never use any chemicals, abrasive materials or strong cleaners on your furniture as this will damage the finish. Always protect surfaces from hot objects by using place mats and coasters. 

Caring For Your Leather

Leather is a natural product that is stylish, comfortable and exceptionally durable.  With the right care, your new leather upholstery will retain its natural beauty for many years to come.  Do not use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials other than leather as they are liable to soil the finish.  Protect your leather furnitrue from strong sunlight and excessive heat such as vents or radiators.

We carry some furnitrue care products in our store.